B Productions Services



With over 120 fixtures, B Productions can provide custom lighting packages. Whether it be uplighting, pin spots to highlight your wedding cake, full scale lighting for your theatre production or adding flare to your corporate event, the inventory will allow Brent to transform any space.



From house parties to full scale concerts, your guests will never miss a song or announcement.



Our large inventory of trussing can be used for lighting or set pieces to add dimension to your stage.


Live Video Feed

Enhance your event with live video feed. With videographers at our event you can reach a large audience through televisions and live video feed. B Productions also has the ability to shoot your event with high quality footage and editing.


Projection Mapping

Transform any object or space with a custom projection map. Put waves on a wall, flowers on a plain dress, make it snow indoors. B Productions can program a custom projection map for your event.


Custom Monograms

Project your organization’s name above your stage during a fundraiser or include your initials and wedding date on your dance floor. Custom monograms can be created for any event.